All the goodness of pulses…
with something extra for your health!

In the heart of Tuscany lies an area of land that, for three generations, has been cultivated with great care and passion by the same family. It is here that top quality organic pulses are grown to bring healthy food onto your table, with dishes that are as tasty and easy to cook as ordinary pasta, with added benefits.
Only the special recipe of Pastificio Fiorentino combines pulses with the nutritional properties of whole grain Carnaroli rice, boosting the beneficial effects of both ingredients.

I like it, and you?

My name is Lara and I’m 10.
Cooking has always been my passion.
I also like good food and everything that is good for you… except pulses.
Since my mum got me to taste the pulse pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino, I really like eating them and now…
I’m on the lookout for new ricipes.

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“Heed rather to preserve than to cure your health”

Leonardo da Vinci

The Renaissance range was created to pay homage to the city of Florence, birthplace of Art and the Renaissance. We believe in the art of nutrition: our production of organic pasta with pulses is a "modern” renaissance of traditional Tuscan cuisine, that ancient and wise culture that for centuries has seen pulses as a fundamental ingredient.

It represents the Renaissance of natural nutrition, breaking away from the customary use of artificial and industrialised foods that damage our bodies. In a completely natural way, the Renaissance range reinforces the health properties of pulses by combining them with other ingredients with exceptional health characteristics.

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I sort for recycling and you?

Take Lara's advice and find out how easy to sort for recycling is thanks to the special Sbucciapack package!

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