All the goodness of ancient cereals and legumes ...
with an extra touch of well-being!

A territory in the heart of Tuscany cultivated with care and passion by the same family for three generations.
Here are born the ancient cereals and organic legumes of first quality that bring well-being to your table, through tasty and easy-to-cook dishes such as pasta, with an extra gear.
Only the special recipes of Pastificio Fiorentino combine the nutritional properties of cereals with legumes, and vice versa, enhancing the beneficial effects of both ingredients.

I like it, and you?

My name is Lara and I’m 10.
Cooking has always been my passion.
I also like good food and everything that is good for you… except pulses.
Since my mum got me to taste the pulse pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino, I really like eating them and now…
I’m on the lookout for new ricipes.

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Our Pasta shapes

I sort for recycling and you?

Take Lara's advice and find out how easy to sort for recycling is thanks to the special Sbucciapack package!

Watch Lara's video

Discover how to savour our organic pulse pasta
with simple, tasty recipes!

Cooking advice

Do you want to savour the Pulse Pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino at its best?

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