Our types of pasta

Pasta of ancient cereals

With this line we wanted to create a pasta combining the best of the nutritional properties of the white wheat and the wholemeal one in a perfect compromise: the delicate taste of the white pasta and the nutritional properties of the wholemeal one. The ancient grains at the base of this pasta, that is Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and emmer wheat, also give a moderately persistent aromatic taste and have a much more digestible gluten quality. We also wanted to add the extraordinary properties of millet, normally known as the cereal of beauty. Millet, diuretic and energizing, is recommended to counteract stress, anemia and intellectual fatigue. In its spherical, tiny and golden seeds, there is a very high concentration of mineral salts. It also facilitates digestion. In addition to pasta made from cereals only, this line also includes variants with legumes. A pasta designed to have the flavor, chewability and appearance of the traditional one of wheat but with the benefits of legumes.

Senatore Cappelli

All the pleasure of traditional pasta with the benefits of Senatore Cappelli organic whole durum wheat.


Dicocco emmer

In this version, however, we wanted to offer all the pleasure of pasta with the benefits of ancient knowledge.


Legume paste

All the goodness of legumes in a different type of pasta. It is a mix of well-being and taste to bring legumes to the table and introduce a healthy and gluten-free diet into your life, to bring the whole family to the table with the taste of yesteryear, ready in a few minutes. We have added brown rice which guarantees a more pleasant flavor and a pasta that is always al dente able to create a beneficial synergistic effect between the proteins of legumes and cereals. We also steam legumes with the same care with which they are soaked at home to eliminate anti-nutritional factors and preserve their nutritional properties intact. This is why our pasta is perfectly digestible.


Inevitable and traditional belong to this category the classic shapes of short pasta of the most used Italian cuisine: penne and fusilli.


I Risoni

Rice, another of the pillars of the culinary tradition in Italy, loved from north to south, is the protagonist of numerous regional recipes, especially in the form of risotto. This is why we have produced the Risoni format.



The gourmet formats represent the large formats of the Italian gastronomic tradition or those formats that transform recipes by playing a leading role with the different ingredients. Paccheri and calamarata belong to this category.



The Renaissance range was created to pay homage to the city of Florence, birthplace of Art and the Renaissance. We believe in the art of nutrition: our production of organic pasta with pulses is a "modern” renaissance of traditional Tuscan cuisine, that ancient and wise culture that for centuries has seen pulses as a fundamental ingredient. It represents the Renaissance of natural nutrition, breaking away from the customary use of artificial and industrialised foods that damage our bodies. In a completely natural way, the Renaissance range reinforces the health properties of pulses by combining them with other ingredients with exceptional health characteristics.

Renaissance whole grain red rice and Turmeric

To the benefits of legumes and brown rice are added those of brown rice rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances and turmeric, a spice with marked healing properties.


Renaissance whole grain black rice and Spirulina

To the benefits of legumes and brown rice are added those of brown rice, the rarest, most nutritious and tasty of all rice, and also rich in antioxidants and spirulina algae, the food with the most complete nutritional profile of our planet.


Renaissance white corn and millet

To the benefits of legumes and brown rice are added those of white corn (rich in antioxidants, iron and poor in nickel) with those of millet, the cereal of beauty and excellent ally of digestive processes.


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