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Discover all the characteristics that indicate the quality
of pulse Pasta made by Pastificio Fiorentino

Good for you, Good for the Environment…

Different formats for all tastes

Choose the one that better suits!

Whether it's an important dinner, or entertaining children to convince them to eat, or even to eat healthily, even at lunchtime, in our selection of pulse's pasta you will find the format that's right for you. Try "Paccheri" and "Calamarata" for Chef's recipes and "Animaletti" especially made for kids, to filling up on protein and well-being on any occasion!

Please everyone in the family
without giving up pasta!

No more compromising! Good health has all the flavour of a meal created for the entire family that can satisfy the appetite of adults and children alike, thanks to the special formula with added flour of whole grain Carnaroli rice, which guarantees a milder flavour compared to products made exclusively with pulse flour.

A feast also for the eyes

Remains perfectly intact even when cook

Pulse pasta made using only the flour of pulses tends to fall apart and lose its consistency during cooking. The formula perfected by Pastificio Fiorentino, on the other hand, thanks to the addition of whole grain Carnaroli rice, guarantees a pasta that remains perfectly intact. A feast for the eyes!

Made in Italy

Completely. No ifs and no buts.

From the raw ingredients, the extruding and drying process and packaging: the pulse pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino is 100% Italian-made.

Organic from start to end

Only certified ingredients from a controlled supply chain

All the ingredients are certified organic and come from an scrupulously controlled supply chain. The entire production process involves the use of organic and ‘living’ materials, which means that each phase aims to preserve all the nutritional properties that make pulses so special thanks to the use of low temperatures.

Even the Packaging is ethical

And the paper is also of a high quality

The virtuous production cycle continues even after the pasta has been eaten: the special system Sbucciapack, in fact, guarantees the complete recycling of all packaging components.

Constant innovation

Always on the lookout for new sources of well-being

By striving constantly for innovation, we have been able to perfect our formula for wholesome, healthy products that forms the basis of the pulse pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino. And we don’t stop here: We strive for constant innovation and are already studying new ways of improving health through the food we eat by 2020.

Synergy and well-being

Pulses and cereals: better together!

The special recipe for the pulse pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino, with its special mixture of pulse flours and whole grain rice flour, has a synergistic effect for health that is acknowledged by the Veronesi foundation.

Makes the difference

The taste of Quality

The pulse pasta from Pastificio Fiorentino makes the difference for your health and for the environment. The virtuous cycle of its production has a low environmental impact, while the nutritional value of this product represents a valid alternative to the consumption of animal proteins: let us not forget that intense cattle breeding is one of the biggest culprits for climate change.

Discover how to savour our organic pulse pasta
with simple, tasty recipes!

Cooking advice

Do you want to savour the Pulse Pasta of Pastificio Fiorentino at its best?

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