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75% pulses flour and 25% whole grain Carnaroli rice flour: the synergy of well-being and taste to bring legumes to the table and introduce you a healthy and gluten-free diet into your life, to put the whole family at the table with the taste of the past, ready in minutes



Paccheri and Calamarata: discover the new Gourmet formats of our pulses pasta with whole grain Carnaroli rice; bringing on your table the refined recipes for a gourmet-flavored wellness and try all the tradition and taste of legumes cooked to perfection.



The Renaissance range was created to pay homage to the city of Florence, birthplace of Art and the Renaissance. We believe in the art of nutrition: our production of organic pasta with pulses is a “modern” renaissance of traditional Tuscan cuisine, that ancient and wise culture that for centuries has seen pulses as a fundamental ingredient.



All the quality of organic farming, a careful mix of pulses flour and whole grain Carnaroli rice flour; a temperate taste that will be loved by children too: discover all the flavors of the new Risoni for tasty risottos and creamy soups!


Ancient cereals

With this line we wanted to create a pasta combining the best of the nutritional properties of the white wheat and the wholemeal one in a perfect compromise: the delicate taste of the white pasta and the nutritional properties of the wholemeal one. The ancient grains at the base of this pasta, that is Senatore Cappelli durum wheat and emmer wheat, also give a moderately persistent aromatic taste and have a much more digestible gluten quality. In its spherical, tiny and golden seeds, there is a very high concentration of mineral salts. It also facilitates digestion. In addition to pasta made from cereals only, this line also includes variants with legumes. A pasta designed to have the flavor, chewability and appearance of the traditional one of wheat but with the benefits of legumes.