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Respect for the environment through three generations

The BIO Floriddia C. farm is located in the heart of Tuscany. Since 1951, this farm has been built up lovingly by the Floriddia family, which for three generations has dedicated itself to cultivating the land with a limited use of chemical products to respect the environment, and using crop rotation, which allows the soil to rest, in line with integrated agricultural techniques. This method of cultivation privileges the use of techniques that guarantee a lower environmental impact and a reduction in the emissions of chemical substances, thus assuring a more sustainable type of agriculture.

In 2012, the Bio Floriddia C. farm began a process to switch completely to biological methods, changing its cultivation system and limiting the production to crops for human consumption only, privileging those varieties that are able to add value to this highly fertile area for which we are envied around the world.

A Family History

The history of the BIO Floriddia C. farm began with Carmelo, the head of the family who moved away from Sicily in the 50’s to set up his own farming business in Tuscany. His son Rosario made a huge contribution to the growth of the farm and the switch to mechanical machinery, while continuing to use cultivation methods that respected the land and soil. The third generation is represented by Carmelo junior who, after graduating as an engineer and several work experiences abroad at industrial companies, decided to dedicate himself exclusively to the sustainable and eco-compatible growth of this farm. Under his direction, the projects were presented for reorganising the farm buildings for storage and processing, with view to obtaining a certified organic production chain.

The foodstuffs are thus produced using agronomic techniques with a low environmental impact and the privileged crops are varieties with the best nutritional characteristics. The methods of storage and processing adopted help to ensure food and nutritional safety, with the aim of guaranteeing a healthy life style for present and future generations. These foodstuffs will play a role in protecting and respecting the biodiversity and ecosystems and are culturally acceptable, economically fair and affordable, adequate, safe and healthy from a nutritional viewpoint, and at the same time optimise the natural and human resources used.

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