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MIX Classici and Risoni 10pc


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The package contains the following products:

  • 1 pc. Mezze penne CHEACKPEAS 250g
  • 1 pc. Risoni CHEACKPEAS 250g
  • 1 pc. Fusilli RED LENTILS 250g
  • 1 pc. Risoni RED LENTILS 250g
  • 1 pc. Mezze penne GEEN PEAS 250g
  • 1 pc. Risoni GEEN PEAS 250g
  • 1 pc. Mezze penne CANNELLINI BEANS 250g
  • 1 pc. Risoni CANNELLINI BEANS 250g
  • 1 pc. Fusilli BROAD BEANS 250g
  • 1 pc. Risoni BROAD BEANS 250g

Organic pasta made with pulses and whole grain rice
Product formulated specifically for people who are gluten-intolerant.

Gluten Free

Sold out!

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Weight 2500 g